Satin blue
He wanders the realm of you
Sequential substances
Waiting to be conjured and consumed.
Dosing them off in pairs of two.
Desperate attempts
Recreating déjà vu.
Fill me up with vile dew
I want to be inside of a body that’s new.
Will you wait?
Will they loom?

Entrance me
Like a conjuring
I want to feel a body,
One that isn’t mine.
I want to be the skin
That whispers into sheets
And stains the lips
Of everyone they meet.
I want to wrap myself
In the space I made
For me and you.
Boy with the eyes of blue
The loneliest one I ever knew.
You scare me to death
And it’s my funeral I wish to meet.
Entice me with
The taste of blood
Entice me with
The copper in the earth.

Isolate the cranial passage
Of Titan and Luna.
Time is wandering
Be wary of the message
Hidden in the skin
That dissolved under light
And whispered itself into drusy.
Hindering is the who came to pass
He came to succeed
But was unable.
Mother and pneuma
Forever wander.